Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Why Men Dont Leave Their Wives

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If you are unlikely enough to find yourself in a relationship with a married man you have to understand why men don't leave their wives. It's true, married men rarely leave their wives for their mistresses. And to be honest, even if he did, why would you want a man who is a cheater?

Woman are compassionate, loving, forgiving, kind, and sometimes very gullible. You might think he'll leave his wife because she's old, fat, mean, stupid, nuts, controlling, etc. And maybe she is, but the truth is she's probably none of these things, after all why would he have married her if she was? It's much more likely that he's just bored and you're a convenient distraction.

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Few women would knowingly start a relationship with a married man if he started talking about what a sexy and wonderful person his wife was, so as hard as it is to believe married men will often lie so that you can justify having sex with him.

The reasons men cheat usually come down to the fact that their marriage has gotten stale and one or more of his needs (not just sexually) are not being met to his satisfaction. That's the same reason women cheat too.

The problem is that at the end of the day he probably still has feelings for his wife or at least doesn't want to go through the expense of a divorce. You also have to take into consideration the way both sides of his family will react, and if there are kids involved most men are unwilling to hurt their own children.

If you are a women who is involved with a married man and want to know why men don't leave their wives there can be many reasons. The important thing to remember is that it really doesn't matter why he won't leave, it only matters that you know he probably won't leave his wife and he's not much of a prize even if he did.

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